Being passionate about cooking is rare. In general women want careers and men just have an aversion to the kitchen. So cooking is being left to the chefs and the few housewives that still enjoy being at home cooking, cleaning and raising kids.

In order to cook tho, I need good cookware that won’t give up on me. Pots and pans that won’t spoil within a month. Handles that won’t break off if they are handled a bit roughly. These are important things when searching for quality cookware. I like kitchen utensils that are easy to use and durable. I prefer a set that won’t set me back too much. So I found myself online searching through some good 2016 cookware set reviews, hoping to find a cookware set that was suitable for my needs.

After much time spent on reviews I decided to ask a friend that had tried a few different brands of cookware over the years. She told me that cookware set reviews were not a bad place to search for good quality utensils. But nothing can beat first hand experiance. She recommended a cookware set with a ” tri ply stainless steel base” It was recommended for gourmet style cooking but could also function in daily use.

She offered me a pot to borrow and told me to try it out and tell her what I thought about it. I cooked a normal curry meal and the pot was very good. I went online and checked the price to see wether it was in my budget. Sad to say that it was not. For high end utensils you have to be prepared to open you purse a little wider than usual. And at the time I just couldn’t.

A week later my husband came home with an early birthday present for me. And lo and behold it was a cookware set. After much thanking and appreciation shown I googled the set to check up on this cookware set reviews and what people that had used it had to say. I was completely satisfied. The features checked all my boxes and the design was appealing. The day I received my the best budget nonstick aluminum cookware set and I never looked back.

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